Book Three

PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster
PUB DATE: August 7, 2012
PAGE COUNT: 378 pages

AGE RANGE: 12 and up

ISBN-13: 978-1416978985




Book Three

in The Hollow Trilogy


"My name is Abbey. And I'm in love with a ghost."


Abbey knows that Caspian is her destiny. Theirs is a bond that transcends even death. But as Abbey finally learns the full truth about the dark fate that links her to Caspian and ties them both to the town of Sleepy Hollow, she suddenly has some very hard choices to make. Caspian may be the love of her life, but is that love worth dying for?

Beautifully spun, emotionally gripping, and irresistibly romantic, the heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that L.J. Smith calls “spectacular!”





"This book is very well written and emotional. Romance is a strong driving force throughout the story, and is felt in a beautiful way. The reader can understand what Abbey is feeling....The epilogue was excellent, satisfying curiosity about Abby's future. Each chapter begins with a quotation from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and this reviewer was pleasantly impressed with how perfect the quotations were for each of the chapters." —CHILDREN'S LITERATURE


"I do believe that this was the best book in this series. FINALLY!!! It was time for Caspian's death day and we got to see how Abbey & Caspian had spent their time together. Ooooh La La:) I was so happy about this that it made me have butterflies in my stomach. It was achingly beautiful!" —NIGHTLY READING REVIEWS


"After reading book 1..The Hollow....and reading book 2..The Haunted.....I have to say book 3 The Hidden was an ending to a series I have never seen before....Never seen it coming...I am still in awe, shocked, amazed, bewildered, thoughtful, jaw still hanging open....WOW...Jessica Verday is amazing....Read all 3 books, they just get better and better. Heart Wrenching!!!!" —DIXIE DEB REVIEWS

"BREATHTAKING ending to an amazing series. I was captivated from the first page of Hollow all the way to the epilogue. It was emotional but is definitely a MUST READ!!" —FICTION 4 LIFE REVIEWS