Cyn & Avian

PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster
PUB DATE: October 1, 2013
PAGE COUNT: 272 pages

AGE RANGE: 12 and up

ISBN-13: 978-1442488366





Companion novel

to The Hollow Trilogy



"Stay calm. Don't draw attention to yourself. It's almost over."


Cyn Hargrave is on the run, but she can’t escape her dark past. The brother of her murdered boyfriend is convinced she’s the killer—and now he’s tracked her down. Cyn has only one person to turn to, and she can’t stand him.

Avian knows the evil that lives inside of Cyn, but he’s still compelled to help her. As the thirteenth Revenant he’s scorned by heaven and unwanted by hell, so he understands what it’s like to be a part of two worlds and not fit into either.

Together they will need to deal with the danger that follows her—and the danger inside of her—before one of them destroys her.




"...Cyn tries not to sin, but she can’t help it. She’s an Echo, a human who serves as a host for a series of souls that inhabit her body and sometimes take over to do murder, or so Cyn believes. Enter Avian, the 13th Revenant, shunned by both demonic and angelic Revenants. (Revenants are otherworldly figures that help the living “cross over.”) Avian spends his time dispatching supernatural baddies, the protégé of benevolent Father Montgomery. Meanwhile, Cyn, working as a waitress, tries to avoid Declan, the brother of her former boyfriend, Hunter, whom Cyn believes she murdered in one of her blackouts. Avian balances his emotions and his duty to fight supernatural evil, even as he finds himself falling for Cyn. The supernatural lore lies thick on the ground, but the author keeps the narrative flowing nicely. Cyn’s all-night waitress job in the dumpy little diner adds some welcome realism amid the paranormal elements. Complete with a hellhound, demons and a vintage motorcycle, this paranormal thriller supplies plenty of entertainment." —KIRKUS REVIEWS


"Dark, thrilling, romantic, and a wonderful YA paranormal romance read! The Beautiful and the Damned was a wonderful book and I really enjoyed reading it." —IMAGINE A WORLD REVIEWS