Q: Is this one book or two?

A: One book. If you're looking for the second book in the series (formerly titled OF PHANTOMS AND FURY) you will find it here. I have combined both books into one single book. (Start at chapter 26 if you just want to read book two!)


Q: What happened to OF PHANTOMS AND FURY?

A: The publisher that was supposed to publish OF PHANTOMS AND FURY in September 2015 (Egmont USA) no longer exists. 


Q: Why not release both books separately? 

A: I decided to combine both books because this story was meant to be read in full by reading books one and two.


Q: What if I only want to read OF PHANTOMS AND FURY?

A: Start at chapter 26. That's the beginning of OF PHANTOMS AND FURY. (But I would recommend that you re-read book one again if you have a chance -- I've re-written parts of it and added some bonus sexy bits!)


Q. What inspired you to write OF MONSTERS & MADNESS?

A. I was thinking about the dark themes that run throughout almost all of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, and I wondered -- what if he was inspired by real life events? What if he didn't just write the stories, he was literally inspired by them because he saw these things happening firsthand? I saw a scene in my head of a girl (Annabel) confessing to a priest that someone she knew was doing horrible things, and she was the only one who could stop him. Although that early scene never made it into the final version of the book, the story took off from there. When I started researching Edgar Allan Poe's background and his connection to Philadelphia, I knew I had found the perfect setting.






Q: How many books are in THE HOLLOW series? 

A: There are three books in THE HOLLOW Trilogy with a fourth companion book, THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED. THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED is a spinoff book that features Cyn and several new characters.


Q: What order should I read them in? 

A: The reading order is:






Q: Will Abbey and Caspian be in THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED?

A: Yes, they are! (and it's one of my favorite scenes, btw)


Q: Are you connected to the Sleepy Hollow show on TV?

A: No, my books are not connected to the TV show. They've added their own spin to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I really like it!


Q: Is Sleepy Hollow a real place? Does the cemetery really exist?

A: Yes and yes. Sleepy Hollow is located in New York, about an hour north of New York City. The cemetery exists and you can visit during the day or take a nighttime tour. (Which I highly recommend.) The best time of year to visit Sleepy Hollow is during the month of October. The whole town really gets into the Hallowe'en spirit and goes all out! I like to visit whenever I can, and fall is definitely when you might find me there walking among the tombstones...


Q: How did you get the idea to write THE HOLLOW?

A: I heard Abbey’s voice in my head. She said the first line of the third book to me - "My name is Abbey. And I'm in love with a ghost." I was so intrigued by this I immediately wrote it down. Then in 2006 I took a trip to Sleepy Hollow, NY and realized it was the perfect setting for this story. 



FAQ On Writing


Q: Have you always been a writer? Did you keep a journal or write stories when you were younger? 

A: I’ve never been a journaler, and many of the stories I wrote when I was younger would have beginnings but no endings. I always liked the idea of a story having a thousand different endings so I never wanted to tie it down to just one. 


Q: How long does it take you to write a book? 

A: This usually depends on the story. If the story idea is ready, it can all come together pretty quickly. But sometimes the idea or characters need more time to percolate. For example: the idea for THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED came to me in 2008 - when I was writing THE HOLLOW Trilogy. But it took five years until it was ready to be written. 


Q: Do you write all of your books by hand?

A: It all depends on the "feel" of the story as to whether or not I'm going to write it by hand. So far I've found that character driven stories are the ones that really demand to be written by hand. There's just something about the flow of pen on paper that connects me to my characters in a way I can't describe. I can always tell when the writing is going really well when I have ink stains on my fingers. 


Q: What is your writing environment like?

A: I like to write late at night when everything is quiet and it seems like the whole world is asleep. Bonus points if there’s a storm or a full moon or the wind is whipping through the trees. (The entire autumn season? Pretty much my writing heaven!) I can’t write with music or TV on as I start to subconsciously write whatever my ear is hearing. So I always write in silence. I can spend hours during the day forcing myself to write two paragraphs, but when night falls and the hour grows late, it’s like an automatic writing switch is flipped in my brain. 


Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 

A: My piece of advice to new writers would be: Don’t stop reading. This is hard (surprisingly hard!) advice to follow, especially when you’re on a deadline, but keeping your reading skills actively engaged is just as important as keeping your writing skills actively engaged. You can’t have one without the other!