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Sending me an email? Read This First -----


Although I love and adore the emails you send me and I read EVERY SINGLE ONE, sometimes it takes me a really, really, really long time to respond. (Like, the time it takes a glacier to fully melt long-time.)


Why is this? Deadlines, copy edits, first pass pages, proofreading, writing acknowledgements, editing my bio, updating my website, signing books, mailing books, writing books... (You'll notice I didn't include eating, sleeping, or shopping in there. All very important things to do as well...)  I am usually 6 months behind on my email responses due to that long list above, and sometimes I'm just buried completely.


So please know: I love your questions, I love your enthusiasm, and I truly believe I have the best fans in the world! But please don't take it personally if I don't get back to you before the glaciers melt. 



For School Projects ----------


While it's VERY flattering that you would choose to do a school report/project based on me or my books, unfortunately, I'm a terrible candidate. (Please see above on my email response time) Even if you need it NEXT WEEK OR YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY FAIL... I'm sorry! But I'm still not able to rush any answers to you. You have my apologies!