things that smell nice | rainy nights

crunchy leaves | old books

cemeteries | warm boots

bourbon | whiskey

Johnny Cash | zombie movies

L.J. Smith | abandoned buildings

trains | antiques

(old) written on postcards | blankets

snow | the color turquoise

handmade pottery | ghost tours

apple cider | Hallowe'en

baby cows | discarded typewriters

haunted places | forgotten objects

vintage furniture | historic houses

faded velvet | old churches

dragonflies | Sleepy Hollow



spiders | tomatoes

meatloaf | the color tan

hot weather | small spaces

deep water | technology that hates me

tall buildings | stale doughnuts

milk | pork chops

ikat fabric | oak cabinets

peanut butter icing | shoes without heels

Vodka | wearing pants at home

 [Short Version]

| Jessica Verday is the New York Times best-selling author of The Hollow trilogy, the companion novel The Beautiful and the Damned, and the forthcoming Of Monsters & Madness. She believes a shoe isn't a shoe unless it has a three-inch heel, and nothing beats a great pair of boots. When not daydreaming about moving into a library of her own, she can be found working on her next story, redecorating her office, or buying vintage furniture. | 

 [Long Version]

| Jessica Verday is the New York Times best-selling author of The Hollow trilogy (Simon & Schuster), The Beautiful and the Damned (Simon & Schuster), and the forthcoming Of Monsters & Madness.


She wrote the first draft of THE HOLLOW by hand, using thirteen spiral-bound notebooks and fifteen black pens. The first draft of THE HAUNTED took fifteen spiral-bound notebooks and twenty black pens. THE HIDDEN took too many notebooks and too many pens to count.


A life-long book lover, and avid reader, Jessica wrote her first story when she was eleven. Titled "Bobby's Bazillion Bananas" it was about a boy named Bobby who planted a banana in his backyard where it sprouted into a banana tree overnight. There were - you guessed it - a bazillion bananas.


If she could have superpowers, she'd want x-ray vision and the ability to make cupcakes appear out of thin air. She really likes old couches, vintage chairs, yard sale junk, antique stores, and flea markets. |